Feeling Stuck? Here’s the simple solution.

Last week I was speaking with a woman who booked a personal coaching call with me. She was feeling stuck, and she wanted to leave but couldn’t bring herself to imagine ACTUALLY leaving. She was looking for a breakthrough that would convince her that leaving or staying was the “right thing to do.”

I told her, don’t worry about getting to the finish line today. Just figure out the next 3 steps.

For her, that meant:

  1. identifying 3 lawyers she may want to use
  2. spending some time driving around neighborhoods to see where she would like to live
  3. making a list of things in her home she would like to take when she moves.

Breaking down your big goals into smaller steps is the best way to avoid the overwhelm. Plus you get a quick sense of accomplishment.

Remember: we don’t do judgment in this community.  We will never tell you to stay or leave.  You reserve the right to stay today and change your mind tomorrow.

What are the next 3 steps in your recovery?

It could be to focus on your physical recovery – and so you need to find a gym near you. Make an appointment to take a tour and get the class schedule.

It could be your mental recovery, and you need to join one of our programs (read the details by clicking here and decide what program looks perfect for you).

It could be your spiritual recovery, and you need to head to your local bookstore and read up on all the different types of authors and teachers, select a few books to take home with you and put them on your bedside table for evening reading.

Whatever your goals are, and whatever phase of recovery you’re in, take a moment right now to write down the next 3 steps you’re committed to taking.

You can do this.  I am right behind you cheering you on.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, I also recommend going through my program, Love Over Addiction. This program sets the foundation for your personal transformation. It will take you from lonely and scared to feeling a deep sense of peace and hopefulness about your future.  I hope you join us.

P.S.  We are starting a new podcast called Love Over Addiction.  You’ll hear real-life stories of the brave women in our community who have overcome, found happiness and are deeply committed to healing.  I know you’re going listen and nod your head a lot, maybe laugh and cry and be left with hope. Just subscribe to the emails and we’ll let you know when new episodes come out.