Super Bowl Sale

One of the drunkest days of the year: Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl: Family and friends gathering together, all dressed up in their team’s colors huddled around the TV. Their eyes glued to the screen ready to cheer if a player scored. To most people, this sounds fun, doesn’t it?

But the women in our community will be tempted to do something different. Our eyes and minds will not be able to focus on the game.

Women like us will be looking across the room at our loved one counting how many drinks they have had.

Our hearts will sink when the one we have been trying to help get sober starts to slur a little. We’ll panic when we realize they are embarrassing us with their behavior. And anger will stew just beneath our smile.  Our truth is: we can’t just watch the game and have fun, like our girlfriends, when the one we love refuses to get sober.

I used to dread weekends. I knew it would be the excuse he needed to drink even more than weekdays. And when football season started, I was prepared for the worst. He would hide his drinks under the bed. And every time I walked into the room, his speech was a little slower and his eyes a little more glossy. Sometimes during a game, he wouldn’t even come home because it was much more fun to party without a nagging wife.

Can you relate?

We get it. And we are here for you. You don’t need to sit there and worry or be angry.

In the Love Over Addiction program, we’ll teach you how to be in control of your future whether they get sober or not.

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P.S. Today is one of America’s drunkest days. Please drive safely – take an Uber or Lyft if you’ve been drinking. And please, don’t get in the car with them if they’ve refused to hand over the keys.