National Alcohol Screening Day: Resource + Sale 10% Off


Have you ever met an older woman and thought, “I bet she was a great mom when her kids were little?” She’s the type who probably used to pack yummy lunches for her kids with a brownie for dessert. She used the fabric detergent that smells really good and ironed her husband’s shirts. And now, she is the fun grandmother who loves to babysit. You know the type of woman I’m talking about, right?

I was sitting across the boardroom from a woman just like that who lives in the midwest. She was in her late 50’s and had short brown hair, a big, chunky necklace, and kind eyes.

She told me her son is in recovery. He was addicted to alcohol but is celebrating 10 years sobriety. And then she said now that he’s sober, they realize he’s bi-polar. His drinking was a way of coping with an underlying mental illness.

PTSD, bi-polar, ADHD, depression, and anxiety are very common for men and women who drink too much. So how do you know if you’re loved one is suffering from one of these illnesses?

You can get a free, anonymous screening here:

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It’s time for you to take back the peace, joy, and happiness addiction has stolen from you. Join our sisterhood at, and make your healing a priority.