Flash Sale: Memorial Day

We gather up the littles, (one year my ex-husband came with us) we buy tons of flowers, and we visit the graves of selfless and brave men and women.

This is a family tradition on Memorial Day that we have been doing for years.
We pray for their families and whisper thank you. Nothing makes me cry harder than meeting a veteran. More than cute newborn babies and more than fuzzy animals.


I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I think of the sacrifices their families make saying goodbye to their loved ones or the fact these soldiers have to witness things no man or woman ever should.


Or maybe it’s because a lot of them come home with depression, anxiety or drug and alcohol problems as a result of being called to use their courage to serve us (if they get to come home at all).


All I know is that veterans we salute you, we love you, and we remember you today.



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