Love Over Addiction Podcast

Powerful, truth-telling stories filled with courage and hope told by women who love someone that drinks too much or suffers from addiction.
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If you love someone who suffers from addiction or drinks too much and you’re feeling alone, scared of your future, or unsure of what you can do to help them – you have found your sisterhood.
We are a community filled with thousands of women from around the world who are committed to healing and joy – if the person we love gets sober or not. We don’t believe in venting or judging. We love sharing our stories of hope and encouragement – because addiction doesn’t always have to be depressing.
Join us every week for this special, 13-episode series.

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Listeners have said….

“Listening to these podcasts has made me feel like I’m not crazy, that I’m not alone. Our recovery and understanding as wives of alcoholics is just as critical as the addict’s recovery. Listening to others’ stories has been inspiring and life changing for me.”

“This podcast is so encouraging and helpful! I know it’s a lot of work but I hope it turns into a regular series. It is so nice to hear from other women who are experiencing the same thing. I hope one of the interviews will be with someone who is in a similar situation as me to hear about their progress.”

Love Over Addiction Podcast With Sherie

In this interview, we cover great topics like trying to control someone who doesn’t want to be controlled, what to do when you don’t recognize the woman you’ve become because of your relationship with someone who drinks too much or uses drugs, and boundaries. Wait until you hear about Sherie’s amazing victory.