Real Talk About Recovery: An Interview with Greg Horvath

Hey. It’s Michelle Anderson, and I am so excited to introduce you to someone who I think you need to know.

His name is Greg Horvath, and he lives in Los Angeles, California. Greg is a motivational speaker and an award-winning filmmaker. He is passionate about two of my favorite topics, perseverance and overcoming adversity. Greg has won an American Express People’s Choice Award at the Calgary International Film Festival, and he was considered for a Canadian Gemini Award.

How did I come across finding Greg? Well, you know I love to research and I love documentaries, so I found Greg’s documentary, The Business of Recovery, about a month ago. It was fascinating. I watch a lot of documentaries. They’re not all done as well as this one. I’ll let Greg go into detail on what it’s about, but in general it covers the rehab facility and the need for regulation.

Now, I’m going to warn you, this podcast is probably our most controversial one we’ve done, but as you know, I do not shy away from controversial topics, particularly when I believe they are a message of truth and they are a point of discussion and they shed light on a topic that a lot of other people are not talking about. So when I see somebody in the community that is being courageous and brave enough to say the things we’re all worried or wondering about, or maybe that’s not even on our radar, that could possibly have some consequences for the people who are sharing them — think of the Me Too movement — I want to have them on our podcast.

I want you to listen to Greg with an open mind and an open heart. Then decide for yourself. Learn about this topic and make up your own mind. I’m not saying you have to agree with him. In this documentary, you’re going to hear from the perspectives of parents who have sent their children to rehabs, you’re going to hear the perspective of the actual patients of rehabs, and you’re going to hear from experts in the field of addiction.

This guy doesn’t mess around. He’s interviewing Harvard professors, scientists, people that know their stuff. Some amazingly smart and gifted people weigh in on the topic of recovery and addiction, and what it actually takes to get sober, what are we currently doing, and what’s not working. You’re also going to hear from some very famous well-known rehab centers, and you’re going to hear why they think their programs work. I hope that tempts you enough to purchase Greg’s documentary. You can go to his website and you can purchase the documentary for yourself at

Whether your loved one is in the beginning stages of recovery or you are like I was—desperate to get her spouse sober and would pay anything, read every book, and talk to every expert just to save our family—this documentary is for you. Knowledge is power, and you and me, we are the sober ones. We are the voices of reason and rationale, and if you’re thinking that rehab is the answer to get your loved one sober, you need to get educated not only about where you want them to go, but what’s working and what’s not. We talk a lot about this in the Love Over Addiction program, the Love Over Mistakes program, and I think we even discuss it in the Love Over Boundaries program.

Greg is going to be amazingly helpful, and I think his point of view is worth knowing about,  so hang with me and listen to this interview. Go invest in The Business of Recovery documentary, and let’s talk about this. You can rent it for $3.95. Let’s start a dialogue about the recovery of our loved ones. Why is it working for some and not others? Then make sure you stay tuned after our interview so we can wrap this up, okay?

I love each and every one of you. I hope you understand it is my intention and my heart’s desire to present to you all of the truths in the world of addiction, and you are smart enough to make up your own mind on where you stand on this position. It is my job as your sister and as your friend to present you with all sides of the story. Even if that comes with consequences for me, I still feel passionately that I need to do that for you, because I love you. So enjoy this interview and I will talk to you afterwards.


More About Greg

Greg Horvath resides in Los Angeles, CA, and is a nationally respected motivational speaker, author, and producer. For 15 years he’s traveled the globe sharing his story of perseverance and overcoming adversity. He views the world through the lens that anyone can build a life they are proud to lead.

Because of Greg’s incredible story of overcoming adversity to play college football at age 38, (click here for more info) and his passion to share it, he has become a much sought-after motivational speaker.  His love of film, which he discovered while studying Communication Arts at Saddleback College, has made him an award-winning filmmaker.

The Business of Recovery is the third feature film Greg has produced. Unfinished Business was considered for a Canadian Gemini Award and Hope for the Broken Contender won the American Express People’s Choice Award at the Calgary International Film Festival.

Greg is very passionate about The Business of Recovery, a story he felt compelled to tell.

Show Notes:

  • Greg’s story and why he produced The Business of Recovery. [8:43]
  • When Greg started to become affected by what he was seeing inside treatment facilities. [12:15]
  • The focal point of the film and who was involved. [14:44]
  • What to look for if your loved one is seeking treatment. [22:56]
  • The truth about rehab success rates. [28:07]
  • How we can change the way addiction is treated. [37:08]
  • Greg’s warning about sober living houses. [45:07]
  • Michelle’s reminder to the Love Over Addiction community [51:45]

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