Help and answers if you love someone suffering from addiction.

Online and confidential.

We’re a beautiful collage of the strong and brave bonded by loving someone suffering from addiction. We are from all walks of life, all regions of the world, all different faiths, backgrounds, and personal values.


We truly believe our loved ones are good people. We want them to get help, but we deserve recovery just as much as they do. Addiction is a traumatic disease, not only for the addicted but for those it touches along the way. That’s why it’s called a family disease.

We believe we are not powerless over addiction. We use our power, knowledge, energy, and learning to focus on ourselves, and things we can start doing today to make a difference. You’ll find foundational teachings, support, understanding, and positivity.

Welcome. You are not alone anymore.

We are a community that loves good people suffering from all kinds of addictions, like alcohol, drugs, prescription pills, gambling, pornography, or sex, among other things.

We never do judgment - stay or leave - your choice.

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