Help and answers for women who love someone suffering from addiction.

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When I was married to a good person that suffered from addiction, I tried everything to get him sober. I had exhausted all the options to help him and completely neglected myself during this process. I found myself lost, alone, depressed, and searching for answers I couldn’t find.

Michelle riding bicycle smilingThat is why I created this space. Love Over Addiction is full of thousands and thousands of strong, powerful women bonded together by the fact we love someone suffering from addiction.

You can expect tips and tools, stories, advice, support, understanding, ideas, insightsfun, and laughter. We know first-hand how dark and depressing addiction can be, so we offer something new. Something positive.

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In every episode, you’ll find love, light, hope, understanding, and fun. Hear personal stories from Michelle, interviews with industry experts, and find specific tips and tools you can implement today. It’s completely free, and here for you anytime.

Joy, happiness, true inner peace, and a bright future are possible, regardless of if your loved one gets sober or not. The secret? Your healing. Your recovery. Your hard work. You can start your own recovery and find the answers you’ve been looking for today.

Hear From Women Just Like You...

Thousands of women have joined our programs. Your privacy is a big priority for us, so we don’t use real names, but these are real words. Hear what some of these wise and loving women have to say about Love Over Addiction:

"I had been listening to your podcasts for months before purchasing Love Over Addiction, and I'm so glad I decided to dig deeper. Once I started making big changes for myself, my husband noticed and decided to make some significant changes of his own."

"I feel clarity and control. I just feel good, and my loved one will not take that away from me. Thank you for being here. Thank you, Michelle, for the programs. I would not have gotten this far without them and this group."

"I am grateful to Love Over Addiction because I have been challenged to grow, dream and value myself as an individual. I have had to ask myself the hard questions, come out of denial and focus on myself. Hugs to all as you continue moving forward."

"I'm living again! I’m enjoying my life! And there are still many challenging times with my partner. But since I joined this program over two years ago, I can see how far I've come. My joy when I get up in the morning is back. I’m learning and loving new things. There are fun and laughter again in my days."

"This program was the company I needed at times like this. I would lay in bed while my babies slept and listened with headphones to Michelle's voice. Sometimes crying and sometimes laughing that it felt like she had been watching in my window...she knew so much."

"Today I’m grateful for this program and community! I'm thankful that Michelle turned her wounds to wisdom and gifted us with her knowledge of how to help ourselves. I’m a different person because of this program. A happier, more confident, and loving soul. Thank you for helping me find myself again."

"It's really nice to know that I'm not the only woman out there going through addiction with their loved one. Thank you for putting yourself out there and helping others. I really appreciate you giving up your valuable time to give back."

"This program is amazing. Not only does it help us understand ourselves better, but it also tells us how to find joy again. The Secret Group is a wonderful addition; it enables us to talk to other women that are in the same situation. It helps to know we are not alone in this."

"For years, I second-guessed myself and what I deserved. I no longer question myself. I know I deserve a loving, genuine, faithful partner. I deserve my independence and respect from others. It is a freedom I could only give myself. Life is truly a blessing to be cherished each and every day!"

"For the first time in 12 years, I don’t feel like a crazy person. I’ve been beating myself up wondering how he can be one person and then another. Now when the “switch” happens, I feel bad for him and can stop trying to control it, fight it, and mostly I can stop blaming myself. "

Millions and millions of people struggle with addiction. Addiction has no bounds and impacts every type of family. For some, being addicted may look like losing their job, their home, their family, and living on the streets. More commonly though, addiction just creeps in. Many people are struggling with addiction, and they still have their jobs and their homes. That's the reality of addiction. We want to help with our Buy One, Give One initiative. For every purchase of our Love Over Addiction program, we give one away to someone in need.