18 Reasons To Be Grateful for Addiction

18 Reasons To Be Grateful for Addiction

There are many blessings of loving someone who struggles with addiction, and many reasons to be grateful for addiction in your life.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I know it feels dark and hopeless sometimes. But… addiction can be a gateway.

An opportunity to grow into the women we are meant to be.

To learn healthy boundaries that should have been there all along.

To trust friends and family who will love and accept us as we are.

And provides us stories to encourage and inspire other women.

Addiction can be our greatest teacher.

I am so incredibly grateful for addiction. And I am not alone.

We’ve asked the loving, wise and willing women in our community to share how they are grateful for loving someone suffering from addiction. Their voices will inspire you to focus on the glimmer of light amongst the darkness during this holiday season of thankfulness. Hear why they are grateful for addiction:

“I have grown into a more independent woman setting really great boundaries…for all relationships in my life…when at one time, I completely lost who I was. Thanks to the Love Over Addiction programs for helping me with the tools to implement the NEW ME.”

“I realized how strong of a woman I am.”

“By telling my truth to people I trust, I gained a wonderful community who care for me. Addiction has shown me that even though my husband broke my trust, it’s still ok to trust others and share my story.”

“Learning what I need from this program helps me be there for other women. To empower women. I can’t think of anything more rewarding.”

“I have become a stronger woman who can do things for herself.”

“This disease has caused me to look within so often. To grow and mature in ways that benefit every person in my life.”

“This disease has reminded me not to judge the term “drug addict” or “junkie.” Addiction opened my eyes up to the world around me. It changed this once naive girl, into a strong woman.”

“Addiction has helped me remember who I am: wickedly capable, fearless, and smart. Also, bringing me fully to God. I have always been on the borderline of faith, but this disease allowed me to surrender so I could lean into God as I have always wanted.”

“Addiction reminded me that I am responsible for my self-care, and has helped me see the beauty of learning about myself. I am exploring the world now and everything it has to offer. I am also spending more time with my son. Addiction has taught me to spend time on things and people that matter, starting with me.”

“I was completely terrified of MYSELF before this program. I never felt stable with any decision I made. I would beg, plead, cry, become depressed, suffer from extreme anxiety and I thought (mistakenly) that I could make all these feelings go away if I just figured out somehow to control the situation. I have grown so much in this program. I took my power back. I no longer feel weak or incapable. That is the true blessing.”

“Addiction pushed me into full-time work in a job that I love, I am good at, people appreciate and respect me and I am helping people every day.”

“Addiction has made me stronger in so many ways. It has taught me to rely on God fully. I learned there is a plan for me and I deserve happiness.”

“Addiction has helped me become a better mom who can talk openly and honestly with my kids about anything and everything.”

“Getting to learn – really learn and internalize – that my worth, my love-ability, my value, and so much more, come from within. Knowing that I am worthy of love, worthy of all my dreams coming true, worthy of whatever God and the Universe have in store is not tied up with whether someone else values what I do or how I love.”

“I am stronger and smarter. I’m learning my value and worth again. My kids are safe and protected with me. And my home is peaceful again. I’ve learned to say no and stand up for myself.”

“For the first time in my life, I chose to put myself and ultimately my children first when I ended my marriage. I decided not to settle. Usually, I would accept whatever crumbs came my way but THRIVING my way out of addiction taught me to trust in myself and stop fighting all the signs. This has been a blessing because I grew so much as a person and I started to like and admire myself.”

“Life with an addict has made me think about who I want to be, and to take steps to become that person.”

“It has given me the confidence to face up to and admit my fears and codependency, and begin to own and come to terms with my past. To really acknowledge and stand up for my own values and beliefs rather than just accepting everyone else’s and ignoring or discounting my feelings.”

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