Episode 129: A Celebration Of Women Who Love Someone Suffering From Addiction

I loved the man. But not the addiction.

I consider them two separate entities.

Separating the one I loved from the addiction helped me enter forgiveness long enough to melt my heart.

Addiction was the third party in our marriage. It made me feel like I shouldn’t speak up. Like I shouldn’t stand up.

Addiction tried to keep me small and told me lies like…

I can’t…
I shouldn’t dream of….
I don’t belong…

And the most dangerous lie of all?

The wreckage and chaos are my fault.

Addiction tried to make me feel like I was selected or chosen to love someone suffering with this disease because I deserved to be destroyed.

I was undeserving of happiness.

But the time has come to recognize and remove the undermining, destructive beliefs that we unconsciously agreed to wear like a frayed winter coat that covers our bodies, but never keeps us warm.

We’re women who are capable of anything and everything because we are strong, we are kind and we are relentless. We have the ability to take back our power from this disease. To stand in our new identity with so much confidence it electrifies the tips of our toes all the way to the strands of our beautiful hair.

We will not back down from addiction. We will stand firm. United. And we will fight for our freedom. We will replace the hate and rejection of addiction with love, compassion and grace. For ourselves first. Always for ourselves first.

We will be the strong, steady and sober leaders marching into a future we are destined for.

This is what we were created to do. This is our destiny.

We are roaring into greatness and we’re being transformed by a power greater than ourselves to help change the world. Because it is up to us. We are powerful women. We control our future. We’re in charge of our own happiness. No longer will we rely on someone else to decide how we feel about ourselves, our bodies or our beliefs. For ourselves, we save the gift of autonomy.

We are learning to honor our minds and hearts without apologies and to stand up for the values and morals we believe in.

We are ruffling the feathers that need to be ruffled.

Not only are we willing to rock the boat, we’re sometimes refusing to even get on board and go for the ride. We are daring to walk on water.

Because it is our turn. It’s your turn. To recognize the woman inside of you who is deserving and unwilling to rely on someone who is too sick to give to you what you’ve always possessed.

Are you ready to take your healing to the next level?

Love Over Addiction is here for you.

Join thousands of women, just like you today.

Love Over Addiction is a private self-study recovery program just for women who love someone who drinks too much or suffers from substance use disorder.

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