Episode 97: Why We’re Changing The Name Of The Podcast

Notice something different? We’re changing the name of our podcast!

Let’s get one thing straight. We, the women of this movement, love or have loved good men and women who are choosing to drink too much or use drugs. Although we may be angry and hurt, we are working our butts off at our own recovery.

We realize and take full ownership that we have work to do too. We are learning what it looks like to stay in our own lane. To forgive. To be dignified.

Even though some of us have left our relationships, we are always praying, cheering, and hoping for the ones who use drugs and alcohol as a way to escape.

The addiction community is starting to speak out about labels like “addict” or “alcoholic” or “drunk.”

I try very hard not to go down the rabbit hole of getting too involved in the theories of addiction. It feels like every expert has a different opinion. The neuroscientists, the therapists, the ones who have used drugs or drinking as coping skills, they all have different explanations, so I conscientiously and respectfully choose to stay out of that arena.

The truth is, I’m not interested in what causes addictive behavior. My job is not to try and get your loved one sober. There are tons of more qualified professionals out there who can help with that. My mission is to grow a community of women who are getting back to feeling valuable instead of worthless like this disease tries to make us feel. My passion is our self-growth and healing.

Two of my children have dyslexia, and so do I. Growing up with the label “learning disabled” used to bother me. My dyslexia does not affect my intelligence. Sure, I can’t spell the word promise correctly (thank God for Megan who spell checks everything I write) but that doesn’t hold me back from being a creative, sensitive, and driven woman.

Today, I have learned to be proud of my dyslexia. I think it gives me a creative advantage. I don’t mind the label at all. And I am trying to teach my children to feel the same way.

I want to be sensitive to all labels we place on each other.

And that is what our community is about. Even though the people hurting us are doing so because they are choosing to drink or use drugs, we want to be respectful. These are real men and women with feelings and a boatload of potential.

We never want to come across as better or smarter (clearly this is not the case from a woman who can’t spell the word promise). We love or have loved these gifted men and women for who they really are. We’ve been their greatest cheerleaders and their biggest supporters.

So, with this in mind, I am changing the name of our Wife of an Alcoholic Podcast.

Because not everyone in our community is married. And because we are labeling the ones we love “alcoholics”. Plus, we talk about all kinds of addictions, not just alcohol. For example, we had an episode on pornography addiction.

So what’s the new name? The Love Over Addiction Podcast. As you may know, we have a few programs called Love Over Addiction, Love Over Mistakes, and Love Over Boundaries.

It is one of our core beliefs in this movement of ours that every day we are trying to choose love over everything. Love over anger, love over judgment, love over ourselves, love over our children, love over our weaknesses.

If we start with love for ourselves and learn how to nurture our bodies, minds, and spirits, we will be able to offer that kind of love to others.

And then we begin to heal the world.

Because I’ve written hundreds of free articles over the last six years specifically about loving someone who struggles with addiction, I now want to open up the space to talk about some more of my favorite healing topics that are less about addiction and more about spirituality, self-love, learning to love our bodies, how to raise our children, and friendships. Basically, I want to talk about all the things we women love to discuss.

So Love Over Addiction is our new name. Make sure you stay subscribed to the podcast. Most of the podcasts will remain between 5 and 10 minutes. But we will also be doing some interviews with some people I think you should know. They are game changers and life givers.

Stay tuned. Please share Love Over Addiction with your friends. And let’s offer ourselves the kind of love we’ve been looking for with or without labels.

Are you ready to take your healing to the next level?

Love Over Addiction is here for you.

Join thousands of women, just like you today.

Love Over Addiction is a private self-study recovery program just for women who love someone who drinks too much or suffers from substance use disorder.

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