A Child Psychologist Expert Interview

A Child Psychologist Expert Interview

As mothers, we all try to give our children the very best. Because their parent suffers from addiction, it becomes our job to protect them from trauma, educate them, love them, and be their absolute biggest advocate.

And we may be the moms who get done-up everyday if that’s our thing, or we may be the moms that run around in yoga pants and top knots.

But to each our own, because what we look like doesn’t matter.

We all have our own unique ways of giving the very best to our children.

And here’s the truth, when our babies (no matter how old they are) are exposed to addiction, they experience trauma. Even if not right now, it almost always is traumatic at some point in their lives.

And we, as their mothers, have the very important job of protecting them, educating them, and being their biggest advocate.

In this community, we want to not only provide you with the tools you need for your healing, but also provide advice and tools so you can help your children through this trauma.

Today, we have an expert child psychologist, Dr. Gowda, interviewing with Michelle.

This interview took place in 2018, and we’ve released it once before. We’re doing an encore in honor of Mother’s Day coming up. Because we really want you to have some answers for your children.

>>Click here to read the full transcript of the interview

During the interview, Dr. Gowda answers big questions about how children react when their parent is struggling with addiction. And how addiction actually impacts them now, and what effects can follow them into their adulthood.

She discusses the harm in avoiding the issue of addiction or sweeping it under the rug. And how your children really see it like an elephant in the room, as something that needs to be addressed. If we’re sweeping it under the rug, it has a big impact on how our children view day-to-day situations.

She also discusses if we can really reverse the trauma, and how to do such a thing.

Remember that no matter where you are today, and what you have or haven’t discussed with your children, there’s never any judgment here.

We want you to have the resources and knowledge you need to put your best foot forward, and provide your children with the same opportunity.

We originally released this interview in 2018, and you can read the full transcript from the interview by clicking here.

Dr. Gowda was kind enough to give us a free guide with helpful tips to help your children. You can get your copy by entering your email address below.

Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson has over 10 years of personal experience with loving someone who suffers from addiction. She was married to a good man who suffered from addiction to alcohol, illegal drugs, and pornography. She's used this experience to create this powerful community full of women in the same circumstance. Using her own personal experience, combined with years of research and studying, she presents ideas, tips, and tools on how to handle this disease, and take care of yourself, and your family.

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