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Do They Really Have a Problem?

Have you ever wondered if your loved one has a problem with addiction? Maybe you know they sometimes drink too much, smoke too much, or use drugs. Or perhaps you suspect they watch pornography secretly, gamble away valuable resources, or otherwise entertain their habit(s) of choice. But that’s normal… right? Or is it too much? Do they have a problem? That’s a tough question, isn’t it?

I remember in the early days of my relationship with my ex-husband, I had these same questions. I knew he drank a lot, but wrote it off with excuses of age, circumstance, or whatever else. I didn’t want him to have a problem with addiction. I loved him, and that was just scary to think about.

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Just for a minute, imagine what it would feel like to:

  • Trust your intuition completely, especially as it relates to your loved one.
  • Understand exactly what your next steps are whether they have a problem or not.
  • Feel clarity instead of craziness when your loved one engages in their vice of choice.
  • Know with confidence whether or not they have a problem, regardless of what they’re saying.
  • Build your own courage as you start to work through this process.

The good news is that you CAN navigate this tricky question and find clarity, sister. You absolutely can. Our brand-new digital guide: How to Tell If They Really Have A Problem was designed to help you do just this.

Get Your NEW Digital Guidebook Today

This digital guidebook is designed for the woman who’s just not sure if her loved one is really struggling with addiction. It’s designed to help you truthfully answer the ultimate question: Is your loved one struggling with addiction? Regardless of the answer you arrive at, the guide also outlines your next steps without judgment, blame or shame.

Inside this beautifully designed digital guide you'll find:

  • Teachings backed up by research and personal experience.
  • Thought-provoking questions and journal prompts to bring clarity to your specific situation, and your loved one.
  • Worksheets and quizzes designed to really identify if there’s an actual issue.
  • Step-by-step guidance on what you should do once you determine whether or not they really have a problem.

We know that every situation and every person are different, and these tools will help you come to your conclusion. You’ll learn about the progression of the disease and talk about signs you may see now, and signs you may see as the disease progresses.

And just as important as finding out if they’re struggling, we provide you with what to do next, where to go from here, and things you can start doing today to help the situation, whether they have a problem or not.

If you’re ready to have peace of mind, and know beyond the shadow of a doubt whether your loved one is struggling with addiction, this guidebook is for you.

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Let's be honest, we understand this is a hard decision. Because for some, even just purchasing this digital guidebook is an 'admission' that something is going on. That's tough. Because we don't want our loved ones to be suffering. But here's the truth: once you know, you know. And you'll be able to act accordingly. It's normal to be scared, worried, or anxious. We discuss this and much more in the guide.

Get your copy of this guidebook and find peace today.