Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our programs?
You’re not alone! Here are some of the most
common ones below.


Do you have questions about our programs or our secret Facebook group? You’re not alone! I receive many questions daily and thought it would be helpful if I compiled the most common questions into a handy FAQ page just for you.
If you don’t see your question answered here, please send me an email at I’d love to help you, and I’m always here for you!

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Will this program help my significant other end their addiction?

If any program or product promises to get them sober I would be skeptical. We both know that you can’t control other people’s choices. BUT we can take back our control over this disease. We don’t need to wait for them to get sober to start feeling happy, confident, and courageous. And our programs will show you how with practical tools you can start using today. I believe you are NOT powerless over this disease.

What if my loved one never gets sober?

Our programs are perfect whether they get sober or not. They’re recovery programs for YOU, not your loved one. Because the truth is – this disease has hurt us, and we need recovery too. If they get sober, we still need these tools so we don’t make the common mistakes that may cause our loved ones to relapse.

I’m having a hard time choosing a program to enroll in. Which one is right for me?

I recommend reading about each program in depth before making your official selection, but as a general answer: Love Over Addiction is best suited for wives and girlfriends. You’ll learn how to handle the disease, have peace of mind about your future, rediscover your courage and confidence, and experience a major breakthrough in your relationship. Love Over Mistakes is for wives, girlfriends, and mothers who wish to learn the seven most common mistakes you might be making that could be preventing their loved one from getting sober for good. Love Over Boundaries is best suited for wives, girlfriends, and mothers who want to learn what healthy boundaries are in their relationship with someone who suffers from addiction and how to enforce them.

I’m a mother of an addict. Are your programs right for me?

I am so sorry for all of your pain. Having a child suffering from this disease is devastating. A few things you need to know:

This is not your fault. There are many mothers in our community, and part of the healing process is to relieve yourself of any guilt. You did nothing to cause their disease.


Our program called Love Over Mistakes is the best choice for you. The program teaches you the seven greatest mistakes mothers or wives make while loving an alcoholic or substance abuser and the three most powerful things you can do to help. The tools we teach in the Love Over Addiction program are valuable for mothers, but I don’t specifically mention the topic of adult children.

Do I need any special software to use your program?

Not at all! You will just need a device, such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet, with an internet connection to access our member site where the program is located. You can play audio, watch videos, and download worksheets from inside the program.

If technology is not your thing (it’s not mine either) you can always email us at for support and we will walk you through it. My team is wonderfully gifted in this area. We are here to support you. Always.

What does the inside of the program look like?

There are 5-7 modules depending on the program you choose. I suggest doing one module per week. Each module includes audio recordings, videos, and downloadable worksheets. Transcripts of the entire program are available for the hearing impaired, and you have lifetime access to the program.

If I have any questions about my payments, credit card updates, account, or membership status, who should I reach out to?

My support team would love to help you out with any questions you have. You can email us at

I can’t afford one of your programs right now. What can I do in the meantime to start healing?

I am so sorry that you don’t currently have the funds to purchase our program. I remember what that feels like and it can be so frustrating to want to get help, but not be able to afford it. I’m here for you. Two things you can do are: (1) Make sure you subscribe to our blog – we send out free helpful tips every week – and (2) Subscribe to our free podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify and our YouTube channel.

With every purchase of our Love Over Addiction program, we give one program away to a woman in need. If you are interested in applying for one of these spots, please send an email to

I’m not religious. Will your program still work for me?

There are two rules in this loving and safe community. The first is that we don’t judge. Ever. We have women in our community from many faiths or no faith at all. Every woman is included and welcomed. Second, your confidentiality is our biggest priority. Period. We take that VERY seriously.

What is the enrollment fee used for?

The enrollment fee is used for:

Supporting 25,000 members of our community. This includes technical support for the private membership area and team members of Love Over Addiction.


Creating new products and programs. We are constantly looking for new ways to meet our member’s needs.


Creating free weekly content for the blog and the podcasts: The Wife of an Alcoholic and Love Over Addiction.

For over five years, I did not take a salary. Over 10% of our proceeds are donated to women in need of scholarships and over 80% is given back to this community. Our business has always run like a non-profit.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to send us an email!


How do I get access to the secret Facebook group?

To get access to the secret Facebook group, you must be a member of one of our programs. After signing up for the program(s) of your choice, send us an email at with the email address you use to log into Facebook, and we will invite you to the group.

Will my friends and family know I have joined the secret Facebook group?

No. Our group is top-secret. None of your Facebook friends will be able to see you’re a member or see any of your posts within the group. Your safety and confidentiality is our priority.

Will other members of the secret Facebook group be able to find my personal Facebook profile?

Yes, any member of our Facebook group can click on your name or photo to be taken to your Facebook profile. What they will see there depends on your personal privacy settings. You may want to set your profile’s privacy settings to “friends only” if you don’t want others to see your personal posts and profile.
I’m excited to join the secret Facebook group! What can I share with others? Are there any rules I should know about?

Thank you for asking! Inside the Secret Facebook Group, you’ll see a post from me (Michelle) pinned to the top featuring some important guidelines. Please read that post before starting to interact in the group.

We do NOT vent in this group – there are many other online groups that will allow this. This is a place to be inspired and encourage others and ask questions. We can do that without venting or over-sharing private information. We also request that you do not promote or pitch products or services inside our group. The purpose of the group is to encourage and uplift women who love someone that suffers from addiction, and we work very hard to ensure that those women feel safe with healthy boundaries.

Do I have lifetime access to the secret Facebook group and the program?

You have access to the Secret Facebook Group and the program as long as you are still in the program or have graduated (completed the entire program) and your payments are maintained. You will remain in the group after your balance is paid in full. If you cancel your membership at any time, you will be removed from the Facebook group.