Love Over Addiction

How To Prepare For Halloween

when you love an alcoholic or addict

The holidays can be really hard, right? When we love someone suffering from addiction, the holidays become an easy excuse to drink more, or use drugs or their substances of choice in 'celebration' of the holiday.

And Halloween can be one of the worst. Even though this holiday can bring on a potentially chaotic and uncertain time, we still have power. We can get prepared for what may happen, then be pleasantly surprised if things go smoothly.

If you just felt guilty about preparing, that's normal. And we're going to challenge you to let go of that guilt, and prepare anyway.

Below you'll find several posts we've released about the holidays. Read a little bit about each one, and click on over to each post to read even more details.

You've got this, sister! We believe in you.

In this episode you'll find 4 essential tips to survive the Halloween holiday, whether they're sober or not. We also explore some ideas to protect yourself (and your children) if you're planning to be out and about on this big night of drinking.

Here you'll find 3 essential tips specifically centered around creating a plan for if your husband (or partner) starts drinking or using drugs. Here's the thing: of course we want to trust that they'll stay sober. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with trusting and making a plan for yourself if they do start to use.

It can be so helpful to hear from other people, and especially women who understand exactly what you're going through. We asked them some of their favorite holiday tips, and they delivered. Hear from 12 brave women in our community who share their helpful tips to make it through this (and any) holiday.

Do you have a safe space? A safe space just for you (and maybe your children if necessary)? This is a space that you can retreat to in order to find calm, peace, joy, and safety. Every single woman in our community needs this space, and in this episode you'll hear all about what it is, and exactly how (and where) to create your own.

You're safe here.

We're your sisterhood.