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How to Detach With Love

Have you ever heard of the word detachment? Maybe you’ve heard of it, but you don’t know what it is, or how to really implement it into your life and your relationship.

Here’s the loving truth: when we love someone suffering from addiction, it’s essential to our healing and happiness to learn how to detach with love.

Detachment is something that can be done all on your own. They’ll be behaving the way they normally do, making the same choices, and treating you the same way.

But something will change. And that something is you.

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Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • Keep your cool (instead of losing your temper) when you find them using again 
  • Know exactly what to do and say when they start verbally attacking you or trying to pick a fight
  • Enjoy dinner out with your girlfriends or a walk with the kids (without worrying about what they’re doing at home)
  • Learn what areas you should never detach from
  • See (and feel) the signs, so you’ll know when detaching with love is ‘working’

You can discover how to detach with love today. Learn how to start making improvements in your own personal happiness and joy, and even see changes in your relationship. Learn exactly how to do this with our brand-new digital guidebook: How To Detach With Love.

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This guidebook is designed for the woman who’s ready to take a deep dive into detachment. This is truly a mini-intensive training on detachment that’s appropriate for any woman who loves a good person that suffers from any kind of addiction whether that’s drinking, drugs, pornography or something else.

If you’re brand-new to our community and want to check out our flavor this is a great way to do so. And don’t worry, if you’re a seasoned-sister who’s been in our community for years and years, you’ll find nuggets in this guidebook, too. Think about it like a true ‘all levels’ yoga class, where we provide “variations” if you’re more advanced in the detachment practice.

Inside this beautifully designed digital guidebook you'll learn:

  • What detachment actually is.
  • How to tell if you’re detached or attached (with examples and stories).
  • Why it’s important to detach.
  • How to effectively detach.
  • The three steps to detach with love.
  • How to find forgiveness (and maybe even compassion) for your loved one after you’ve detached. 

The How To Detach With Love digital guidebook is for you...

...if you’ve ever found yourself looking for approval from your loved one.

...if you’ve ever found yourself disappointment by their choices.

...if loving someone that suffers from addiction has ever stolen your dignity or made you feel embarrassed.

... and if you’ve ever found yourself yelling, throwing things, or otherwise losing your temper, there’s no judgment, and this is for you.

 All of these things I just mentioned are signs of attachment. Which means that to address them properly, you must learn to detach with love.

If you’re ready to learn to detach with love, and yes, maybe even find forgiveness and compassion for your loved one struggling with addiction, this guidebook is for you.

Get your guidebook and detach with love today.


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