My New “Normal” Life

My New “Normal” Life

Here is a part of my story.

Last Sunday at church, a woman who is going through a painful separation with her alcoholic husband came up to me and said she wanted to talk. We slipped away into a private corner and this is what she said:

“Is that your house that is being remodeled, the one just down the street on the corner?”

“Yes”, I said

“Well, that gives me great hope because, if you can do it, so can I.”

And she is right. Not just about the house (because that’s not really what she was referring to) but about the dream that one day… not too far way, you can have a home full of love, warmth and joy – not just a house. You can have security – financially and spiritually. You can finally have the greener grass that you are always admiring from the other side (I remember literally, looking out my window at the neighbors and admiring their “normal” life).

This month I am celebrating my wedding anniversary with my wonderful, adoring husband and our six children. But not so long ago I was exactly where you were.

I felt scared and desperate. I was in a motel with my kids, using a fake name. I had $2.30 in my bank account. I was over 40 lbs. overweight and I was completely alone. This disease ripped away my self-esteem and left me feeling that somehow it was all my fault and I was responsible for his bad choices.

I never knew when my husband would come home and if he was out drinking, snorting, or inhaling something with someone. But I was madly in love with him and I didn’t want to give up on our marriage. I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

Sound familiar? Yes, I understand you completely. We are sisters you and I.

I want to encourage you this Thanksgiving that you can have that future that you so desperately desire. It will take work. And you will need faith. But you can do it! You are perfectly made in His image. You are beautiful and valuable.  Do not give up on yourself.

What are you struggling with this holiday season? What are your dreams for the future? What are the lies you are allowing this disease to make you feel?

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