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about the Love Over Addiction Online Program...

"As I watched and listened to you, having already become a dear friend and essential person in my life, you WERE speaking directly to me. You know the intimate secret details no one knows. Finally, I had a friend who knew, understood, and had felt every single act of dishonesty, hypocrisy, abuse, neglect, and insanity of this completely unpredictable life I have been suffering. As you were asking me your questions, I was nodding and crying harder, but this time out of relief."

"I don't believe in miracles and I am a true believer in coincidences. Yet, here you were tonight at my lowest point to date and now my life is different. Soon, it will be better. For the first time in ten years, I can foresee a day when I will be happy and carefree and silly again. I have a strong work ethic and devote hard work to anything I want to achieve. I have made it this far through massive amounts of research, self-exploration, and with hundreds of hours of therapy identifying and changing my actions and reactions and sheer force of will. His alcoholism has grown too monstrous for the both of us. I have just hit a brick wall and cannot get through this alone anymore. I thank you for what you are sharing."

"I'm working on Week 2 and I really liked the Breaking the Cycle audio, boy did that resonate with me! It is SO true, stop lying for them."

"This program has helped me so much. It has helped me to realize that not everything is my fault and to be grateful for all of the wonderful things and people God has put in my life. My perspective on life has changed drastically. I really DO smile every day now, and even my HUSBAND is grateful that I am doing this! Thank you so much!"

"This program is amazing. Not only does it help us understand ourselves better, but it also tells us how to find joy again. And it helps to know we are not alone in this. Thanks, Michelle and team, for doing all the research and putting this great program together."

"The Love Over Addiction program saved my life and gave a life to my children. I hesitated when I thought about spending any money on myself, but I put in my mind the money that my now ex-husband spent on liquor. I listened in good times and bad. And I learned so much about what I was doing wrong and what I could do better. Treat yourselves to this program. Thank you for all your support and love. Keep up the great work. You are saving so many women."

"This program has shown me it is OK to put myself first and him second when his drinking starts up again, and to get back to my confident, fun-loving, caring self all the time - I am not to feel guilty or responsible for his alcoholism."

"I listened to the audio and watched the videos of this amazing program. I do the written tasks and feel empowered and definitely stronger. I also recognize all the co-dependent behavior I have lived through the past 16 years. I lived with a very moody, verbally-abusive and controlling person and tried to fit in with everything he did. In the end, I did not know what I wanted or liked or who I was. I left that relationship a couple of years ago, and in this new relationship, I am very aware of what I am willing to put up with. I am so grateful to this program and to Michelle for making everything so clear. I can identify my codependent behaviors and do something about them at the same time. I can prevent getting into a destructive situation again. I can keep my self-confidence intact and not fall into the pitfalls of being a people-pleaser and all that entails. I'm learning all the time, and it is just great. Thank you again. And thank you to all you wonderful women out there."

"Without Love Over Addiction, I would still be stuck in a dark, toxic place. With the strength and courage I have gained, I am set free! I had a session with my counselor, and she called me strong and courageous. Wow!! I have learned so much and taken my power back. I can’t say enough about you, Michelle, and the work and devotion you and your team have for others by creating Love Over Addiction.  It’s an amazing, life-changing program!"


about the Love Over Addiction: Stay or Go Online Program...

"I have already left and been on my journey of healing about a year. Even though I have progressed greatly in my healing, I have to say that I have learned some things already and I have only done the first module. I love to learn, and I love that I am learning so much from my sisters, especially you Michelle! Wow, just wow about the information you shared about abuse. I knew I was being emotionally-abused, but your information just validated it further! Validation is a great healer. Thanks for presenting this program."

"I’m so thankful for Love Over Addiction: Stay Or Go. I’m in the middle of getting divorced after a 6-month separation. My high-functioning alcoholic husband is a good man, but will not take responsibility for his addiction and choices. The guidesheets on abuse and changed behaviors really hit home for me in a good way! Nothing has changed on his end, but I have been on my journey to making my own changes. I'm looking forward to the continued growth through this program."

"I cannot tell you how much these simple messages help me and keep me focused on my healing. I always thought I was a strong woman, and then I woke up from this existence and realized I wasn't being me or living in the strength and core values that I was raised in because I kept believing the lies and doubting myself. You have put that all in perspective and helped me realize that leaving was the best gift to my children and myself. Going through this emotional roller coaster is normal but needs to be felt and processed to move on and to really live my purpose. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you offer!"

"I’m so excited about this program, and it has come at such a perfect time for me. I’m in this program because life after rehab has a lot of challenges and this program has just the tools to help me with my future. Thank you, Michelle, for your insight and continued effort to improve our lives."

"I joined this program because the others have helped me so much. There is always room to grow."

"I joined this program because it truly speaks to me and my current situation right now. I've wavered back and forth far too many times to count. I have started the program, made a binder, listened to the intro and module 1. I have printed everything including the transcripts, and I'm blown away by how much this speaks to me already. I'm really looking forward to doing the work and getting my happy back. I'm so thankful for this program and the amazing women in it with me."

"It's time for me to determine once and for all whether to stay or leave. After 41 years of marriage, this is very, very complicated, heartbreaking and disastrous financially and personally. Thank you for offering me the support to "figure it out."

"This program has given light to some very dark moments and strength when I thought I was lifeless."

"I was so excited to listen to the Introduction and module 1 today. It just spoke volumes to me. Michelle seems to talk right to me and know what is in my heart! After a year of working through the Love Over Addiction program, I decided to stay with my alcoholic husband of 19 years. Currently, the good outweighs the bad. When I first started the program, that wasn't the case at all, so I know your programs work! Thank you for all your hard work in writing this next installment of our journey. Truly. You have changed my life, Michelle!"

"I am so excited to start the Love Over Addiction: Stay or Go program! I decided to join because after working through Love Over Addiction, Love Over Mistakes, and Love Over Boundaries. I believe that these programs are truly helping ME! I am continuing to stay with my husband at this time. When I first found Michelle Lisa Anderson, I felt completely lost. I feel now that I finally have some hope. There are still many challenges, but this new program will provide more education and tools to help me be resourceful and prepared if at some point I need to be. My ultimate goal is to improve myself and work on moving forward with more compassion and forgiveness. I am so excited to be a part of this program. I look forward to working each week on my recovery because this is exactly what I own happiness and confidence back! Thank you, Michelle. I am more grateful than words can express."


about the Love Over Boundaries Online Program...

"It is no exaggeration to say that this program is life changing. I always knew that personal boundaries are important, but after listening to the Love over Boundaries program, I realized that boundaries, and the effective implementation of them, are the secret ingredient that has been missing from my marriage. The information in this program is essential to my personal happiness, regardless of my husband’s choices. Michelle explains in her loving and supportive way, how boundaries can validate and help me take back my power, and remember to love myself first. This program gives me the keys to stay and love authentically my marriage, or to be okay with choosing to leave and not settle for an unhealthy version of love. Michelle's description is perfect: "boundaries speak to, and obey the whispers of your soul."

"If I would've had this kind of program or advice 10 years ago, it might very well have saved my marriage."

"Listening to Michelle is like listening to a trusted friend or confidante. Love Over Boundaries goes into areas that are not often talked about and very uncomfortable to deal with. Her loving suggestions and examples are very helpful in not only setting my boundaries but doing so in a way that will allow me to remain confident and dignified."

"Love Over Boundaries program is amazing, so much awesome information. Michelle teaches about good and bad boundaries, how to enforce them and the importance of having them in our lives. She breaks it down perfectly, she's very honest and speaks from her own personal experience. Michelle's program saved me, I have inner peace and joy again something I thought was gone for good. I'm so grateful that I did this for me. I'm no longer alone."

"The Love Over Boundaries program is exactly what I needed to learn about setting and keeping boundaries as I try to stay in a peaceful and loving relationship with my alcoholic husband. Michelle has explained how setting the right kind of boundaries is essential to letting your loved one know what you will not tolerate, but in a way that is not accusing or confrontational. I would encourage everyone to enroll in this program if you are feeling a little lost and alone."

"I have struggled with anger over my alcoholic husband's behavior and choices for a long time. I have thankfully gotten to a point where I can keep a quiet mouth most of the time and process it constructively. I never thought I would say this, but I am grateful for my anger. I am thankful for the God-given instinct that notifies me of when something is "wrong" in my world. And I am supremely grateful for all the tools, including the Love Over Boundaries program, that has helped me learn better ways to process, express and release it."

"Thanks to this program, I remind myself that the uncomfortable feeling of enforcing a boundary will pass but feeling strong, brave, centered and true to myself will linger and benefit me greatly."


about the Love Over Addiction for parents Online Program...

"This program is helpful for parents who are entering the world of addiction. Giving up on my son is not an option, and I do believe that this is a family disease, so this program is a very useful map that gives all major themes to consider and navigate through. I have found the timeline very helpful. It has helped me decide that I have all the time in the world, and to adjust my expectations."

"Being a mother that has a child suffering from addiction can be tough, especially with working and taking care of my 2-year-old grandchild. But I know I wouldn't be as far along in my own healing as I am now if it weren't for this program. It has given me the tools to know what I should and shouldn't be doing regarding my child who suffers from addiction."

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