How To Prepare For Thanksgiving

when you love an alcoholic or addict

The holidays can be really hard, right? When we love someone suffering from addiction, the holidays become an easy excuse to drink more, or use drugs or their substances of choice in 'celebration' of the holiday.

You may be feeling anxious about what they'll choose to do at the family gathering. Or how they'll act when you celebrate with friends.

Even though this holiday can bring on a potentially chaotic and uncertain time, we still have power. We can get prepared for what may happen, then be pleasantly surprised if things go smoothly.

If you just felt guilty about preparing, that's normal. And we're going to challenge you to let go of that guilt, and prepare anyway.

Below you'll find several posts we've released about the holidays. Read a little bit about each one, and click on over to each post to read even more details.

You've got this, sister! We believe in you.

Sometimes it can be really helpful to hear other people's stories. Hear how they handle the holidays, and what's worked well for them in the past. Isn't it lovely to hear a new idea that could help you? We think so.

Holiday drama... Am I right? Isn't it funny how to creeps up? It happens to the best of us, and remember, there's no judgment here. Listen to (or read) this episode to learn six ways to avoid the holiday drama.

Let's do more that just survive the holidays, let's enjoy them. It is possible, and in this episode you'll find practical tips to survive (and enjoy) the holiday.

This is just for you. It's a free program sample of our Love Over Addiction program. In the program, you'll learn how to enjoy this holiday, and every other day of the year, whether they get sober or not.

You're safe here.

We're your sisterhood.