What Thriving Looks Like When You Love An Alcoholic

What Thriving Looks Like When You Love An Alcoholic

We’re back with more from our community, and today it’s all about thriving. Truly thriving

Let’s talk about thriving when you love someone suffering from addiction

Because when we love someone suffering from addiction, it’s easy to get caught up in them. And when we’re caught up in anything, especially someone struggling with addiction, we can’t thrive. It’s impossible.

When we’re able to take some of the focus away from them and their addiction, that gives us power. That gives us space and energy to explore other things to focus on. 

A lot of times, we hear from women in our programs of the profound experience they have when they take energy out of their partner suffering from addiction. They realize how much they were putting into managing their addiction and how much they were losing themselves.    

And listen, here’s the other thing: the idea of taking energy, attention, and focus off of your partner suffering from addiction can be really scary.

Changing can be really scary. We understand that.

Because it’s new. And if you’re not putting the energy and focus there, maybe you feel like things will fall apart. That’s a completely reasonable fear. Of course, you feel that way. There’s never any judgment here. 

Give yourself the space to feel and experience what you will. And when you’re ready, think about thriving. 

Let’s hear how our women in our programs thrive. Their voices are full of wisdom, and these women that you hear talking actually understand what you’re going through. More than anyone else ever could, frankly. 

I hope you find comfort in that. I hope you find encouragement and hope in simply hearing their voices and knowing that you’re not alone.

These women actually understand what you’re going through.

I would love to start belly dancing classes!! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do!

For 2020, I’m going to increase my activity with others. I just joined the Rotary Club last week, and I am hoping this is going to be how. I plan to start a more regimented exercise program. My true goal is to 100% detach from my now-separated alcoholic husband and not allow myself on the roller coaster – even for an hour.

Go on a holiday with my girls.

I recently had my guitar redone – it’s beautiful! I want to start playing it again. I’m retiring in April 2020 and looking forward to making more greeting cards and taking road trips.

Our community is thriving.

I want to keep working this program and applying what I’ve learned. And continue improving MY life. I have some big goals for my business that I’m excited about.

I really want to start eating healthier and moving my body more instead of sitting and feeling sorry for myself. It’s time to take care of myself.

I want to learn to enjoy the many positive aspects of my life and the huge life around me that I have been ignoring. Most importantly, surround myself with positive people who encourage me to be a better me.

I’m committing to pursuing counseling and digging into my own patterns and finding freedom.

I want to pick up the guitar and practice again so I can write those songs I know are dying to come out of me.

You can thrive too. It is possible.

There are two things I am working on:

1. Getting up earlier and not hitting snooze.

2. This one is going to sound silly…. not complaining about the weather. I’m trying not to complain in general and am a wimp when it comes to being cold.

I commit to loving myself and working hard to get my life back with the help of God and this program.

I’m going to renew a goal I’ve made a couple of times: Once a month, get out and explore someplace new. I live in Northern California, and there are so many great hikes, small towns, new restaurants, beaches, etc. to explore- all within a day’s drive or so. Sometimes I take a friend, and sometimes I go alone. But I’m gonna get back to this.

I’m committed to becoming self-sufficient. In every way. A big task AND I am ready for all of it: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I am committed to learning more about my feelings when I am triggered. The more I become mindful, the more I will grow into the confident woman I know I am.

I will do two useful things every day (besides getting showered and dressed and making the bed). Now, I know that doesn’t sound like growth from codependency, BUT it is growth in self-satisfaction. I don’t mind that I’m lazy and read a lot, but I am so proud of myself when I start catching up on chores that have been hanging over my head for a while.

Wisdom. Power. Encouragement. Hope. Thriving. You can find this too – you deserve that.

You deserve to thrive.

If you want more encouragement, we invite you to explore our Love Over Addiction Online Program.

Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson has over 10 years of personal experience with loving someone who suffers from addiction. She was married to a good man who suffered from addiction to alcohol, illegal drugs, and pornography. She's used her experience to create powerful resources for women in the same circumstance. Using her own personal experience, combined with years of research and studying, she presents ideas, tips, and tools on how to handle this disease, and take care of yourself, and your family.

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