Welcome To The Community

Look at you! I’m so proud of you, sister. You just took a big step in your recovery. Please, take a moment to celebrate that.

Here’s the truth, when you love someone suffering from addiction, every day can feel so hard. You might feel exhaustion, or deep disappointment when they break their promises yet again.

We have women in this community that love a good person that suffers from addiction to alcohol, drugs, prescription pills, gambling, pornography, or sex, among other things. The substance of choice doesn’t really matter, because the effects are the same.

You have great intuition, and you know when they’ve been using just by the sound of their voice. You want your loved one to get sober, so you can finally have the loving, healthy relationship you crave.

You’re done with all the lies, all the sneaking around, all the deceit, and frankly all the disappointment and pain.


One important thing I want you to know...

Let’s be honest with each other, addiction can be mean. It can be nasty. It can say awful things. It assigns blame and fault, and is constantly looking for an out.

Because of this, it’s easy to feel out of control and be angry, yet feel so lonely.

In this community (your sisterhood) we acknowledge that, but then we harness our power to make changes. We are positive, smart women. And we won’t stand by any longer.

There's one very important thing I want you to know. Are you ready?

Sister, please read every word of this, and know that in the depths of your heart, it is true: this is not your fault. None. Of. It.

This disease does a really good job of blaming us. But it’s not true.

Anytime you’re feeling like this is your fault, come back here, and read these words of truth. Say it to yourself while you’re looking in the mirror: “This is not my fault. I did nothing to deserve this.”

Being blamed, feeling undeserving, and having addiction tell me this was my fault are all parts of the reason I created this community and the Love Over Addiction online program.

Addiction does lie to us. It does blame us. And it tells us it’s our fault. That we’re undeserving of happiness.

When we’re in our lonely isolated worlds, it’s easy to believe such things. I know I did.

Community Resources

Love Over Addiction Podcast

We offer many additional free resources for women that want to learn more about the Love Over Addiction movement, and what we believe and teach.

I’ll start with our most favorite free resource: The Love Over Addiction Podcast. It’s totally free, and you can listen and subscribe anywhere you listen to podcasts. We release an episode each week (usually on Mondays).

When you listen to the episodes, you’ll hear personal stories, interviews, advice from the community (your sisterhood), real tips and tools you can use in your relationship, and yes, maybe even a little laughter and fun.

Woman accessing program on phone

Because let’s be honest: addiction can be dark, depressing, and lonely. I felt completely isolated for ten long years. That’s why we’re here. We’re here so you don’t have to experience what I did.

Blog & Website

We love creating free content for you to help you along as you're loving someone suffering from addiction. We're here to be a constant reminder that you're not alone and that you can take back power that addiction may have stolen from you.

We have regular posts on our blog (usually on Mondays), where you can read tips, find help, and hear stories.

Beyond that, check back to our website regularly, because we make free guidesheets and other free resources for you all the time.


If you're not ready to join one of our online programs yet, taking advantage of our free resources is the perfect place to start.

Online Programs

When you’re ready to dive deeper into your recovery, we offer four online programs. All of our programs are completely confidential, and can be done online in the privacy of your own home (or wherever you choose) using your phone, computer, or tablet.

So you may be wondering - which program is right for me? Well, I’m so glad you asked.

Here’s a quick summary (and I could talk about these for days, so I’ll try to keep it short):

Love Over Addiction

This is perfect for you if you’re just starting your own recovery. It’s possible you’ve seen a therapist or talked to a few close friends or family members about what’s going on. You may have even been to family recovery meetings. You may feel unhappy, lost, alone, not sure what to do or where to turn. You may be unsure how to handle certain situations, but you know you need help and answers.

Love Over Addiction: Stay or Go

This program is perfect for you if you’ve graduated the Love Over Addiction online program or done extensive work on your own recovery, and now you’re ready to think about your future. You’re ready to have the knowledge you need to make a decision, either now or later. You’re not looking to be persuaded one way or the other, or to be told what to do. You know it’s time to consider your options or solidify the decision you may already know in your heart.

Love Over Boundaries

This program is the perfect compliment to our other programs, or a great place to start if finances are a concern. You'll learn how to put boundaries in place and learn how to enforce them. You may know that boundaries are key (and if you don’t, we’ll teach you why), but you may be unsure of the difference between boundaries and threats, how the heck to enforce them, and what to do when your partner isn’t cooperating.

Love Over Addiction for Parents
Number 4

This program is designed specifically for parents who have a child (or children) suffering from any kind of addiction. In the program, you'll learn how to take care of yourself all the while giving your child the best chances at recovery. You'll learn how to navigate feelings of hopelessness, feeling like it's your fault, and discover tactics and strategies you can do that will actually help your child.