Love Over Addiction is our premier online recovery program just for women who love a good person that drinks too much or suffers from substance abuse.

You’ll learn how to handle the disease, have peace of mind about your future, rediscover your courage and confidence, and experience a major breakthrough in your relationship.


You have the exclusive opportunity to join Love Over Addiction for $300 off through your membership with the UFCW Women's Network.  

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Are you at your breaking point?

You love them and you don’t want to leave, but you don’t know how much more of this you can take.

You try so hard to be happy and supportive. You want to
help, but they keep lying and denying there’s really a problem.

You might feel like a fool for trusting again, only to be lied
to again and again.

You remember the person you fell in love with, and you
want that person back.

You’re in love with their potential.

Get Help Now – You’re Braver Than You Think

If you don’t learn how to handle the bad choices, you’re going to stay feeling confused, alone, sometimes crying and sometimes wanting to scream.

LOA Michelle BW

you can:
Have peace of mind about
your future

you can:
Rediscover your courage
and confidence

you can:
Experience a major breakthrough
in your relationship

you can:
Transform into an improved version of the woman you once were (before this disease took over your life)


Next time they refuse to get help, give you excuses for the drinking, blame you for their problems, or hide the alcohol or drugs, you’ll know exactly what to do.


Words cannot express how pleasantly amazed I am. I love Michelle’s encouragement, her honesty, her true life experiences, the questions, the format, and her tough love. I felt immediate relief as soon as I started. It was like a lightbulb went off, and I knew I had to change.


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Get the Program Now!

Sign up now to start your healing process and reclaim love in
your life.

What Makes Love Over Addiction Special?

Rather than just sharing our experiences, we actually teach you what to say, how to help, and what not to do in your relationship.

  • No meetings to attend or childcare to line up.
  • Complete Privacy.
  • Available day or night (during a crisis) on your phone, tablet, or computer
  • And we NEVER, EVER do judgment. Come as you are.

Goodbye depressing group
Hello joy and encouragement.

How Love Over Addiction Works

After registration, you’ll have instant access to the training
program on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. There are
5 modules total, 1 released each week.

Not “technically savvy?” We are always here to help you
(and it’s easier than you may think).

Work at your own pace – no need to rush, you have lifetime



Over 20 videos
Don't worry - they're only around 5 minutes each.





2.5 Hours of Audio
Scored and produced in NYC by an agency who composes Hollywood movies.



Our Secret Facebook Group Your Sisterhood
None of your friends or family can view your posts or see you’re a member.


The Love Over Addiction program saved my life and gave a life to my children. I hesitated when I thought about spending any money on myself, but I put in my mind the money that my now ex-husband spent on liquor. I listened in the good times and bad, and I learned so much. A lot about what I was doing wrong and what I could do better. So treat yourselves to this program.


Get the Program Now!

Sign up now to start your healing process and reclaim love in
your life.




  • Do they really have a problem? How to tell
  • Are you causing them to drink or use drugs? (and other lies this disease wants you to believe)
  • How to stop feeling rejected and exhausted & start feeling accepted and loved


  • How to start taking care of yourself first (instead of last)
  • Afraid of being alone and life never getting better? Discover hope and strength
  • Give your loved one the best chance of recovery. Learn how in this step
  • Are you codependent? How to stop caring about other people’s opinion


  • Nagging or rescuing them? Top 3 ways to stop
  • Feel joyful and inspired – anytime, anyplace
  • Detaching: Their behavior won’t affect you after learning this step
  • Should you throw away the drugs or alcohol?


  • Get ready to feel happiness and hope (yes, it’s totally possible)
  • How to forgive your loved one and why you must master this skill
  • Asking for help: Why it’s important and who NOT to ask
  • Gratitude: THE most essential tip for healing


  • Imagine: The new you begins here
  • How to get exactly what you need (hint: it doesn’t depend on your loved one)
  • Learning to love yourself again – or for the very first time


  • How to know if you should stay or get a fresh start – this is big


Privacy is something we take very, very seriously. We never share names (or make them up) for testimonies. You’re going to have to trust they are from real women.

"This program has helped me so much. It has helped me to realize that not everything is my fault and to be grateful for all of the wonderful things and people God has put in my life. My perspective on life has changed drastically. I really DO smile every day now, and even my HUSBAND is grateful that I am doing this! Thank you so much!"

"I just started the program, but I am feeling stronger already! I have gone to many different meetings to find one that I fit in. My husband and I did an outpatient program, and I have heard that I am codependent from many different people. Listening to your program and doing the workbook has opened my eyes to what it really means!!! Thank you for touching my heart, helping me to understand what I have control over, and helping me understand that I'm not alone!"

"Michelle's voice and words are like nothing I've ever known through all the literature and therapists and soul searching I have done in this agonizing process."

Get the Program Now!

Sign up now to start your healing process and reclaim love in
your life.

Is Love Over Addiction Right For You?



  • I try to make the best of it, but the drinking and drugs increases every time life gets difficult
  • I feel like my loved one loves the bottle more than me
  • I can’t believe I trusted them and fell for their broken promises… again
  • I feel beaten down. I don’t recognize myself anymore
  • I don’t tell other people because I’m worried what they’ll think
  • I love them, and I want to help, but I don’t know what will work



  • Good people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • Mothers of alcoholics or substance abusers (Love Over Mistakes – our other program is a better fit for you)
  • Women who only want to blame the person they love and just wait for them to get sober rather than doing her own work

Your Privacy. Our Most Important Priority. Seriously.

Real names are not required. Webcams and face to face meetings are not a part of our program.

Here’s Your Chance

(For Love, Celebration, and Sisterhood)

Your recovery is an investment in your marriage. Love Over Addiction is less than a handful of visits to a therapist or a few trips to Target. Your recovery is the key to feeling so much better. Don’t wait for your loved one to get sober. Start today.


Our Guarantee:

We are here to serve you, and if you don’t feel like it’s a good fit, we’ll refund your money within the first 7 days of purchase – no questions asked.

You have the exclusive opportunity to join Love Over Addiction for $300 off through your membership with the UFCW Women's Network.  

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Secure Checkout promise.

Your online safety is very important to us. Our purchase system is encrypted and secure.

Still Not Sure?

Add up all the bar bills, receipts from liquor stores, DUIs, rehabs or withdrawals from the ATM.

This disease has cost hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Investing in your relationship is the very first step toward transforming into the loving, fun and happy woman you can be.



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